A Two Way Valve Controls the Flow of Many Liquids

Since the invention of indoor plumbing, plumbers have put a lot of effort into perfecting the science of it all. They bring water up from deep inside the ground to the surface and then they pipe it into your house, your office, your commercial property, etc. Your water lines depend on a lot of different things coming together if they are going to work effectively. What you may not ever think about is how a two way valve controls the flow of many liquids, especially the water flow that enters your home.

The Value of a Valve

A valve. It is such a simple thing in concept. However, it is anything but simple when you look at how it is put together. One tiny ball valve fitting that directs water flow so that it is either on or off is made with several different pieces and parts. It may have screws, nuts, stems, and rings inside a body that also holds a ball and its seat. All in a 15-20mm size at times.
If you look closely, each one may also have zinc alloy, brass, copper, chrome-plated brass, and Teflon.
This little valve, can stop water from entering a home. It can stop hot or cold water from flowing into certain areas. A simple turn of a knob is all that it takes.

Why Valves are Great

If you think about a valve that can stop or start water, you may soon realize that it can be very beneficial. If you have a leak in your home or office, you turn a knob and all water flow stops. This will allow you to repair the problem. It can be a repair for any area.
If you have a small leak in your bathroom, you may not have to kill the water to the rest of the home. It may be just turning the knob to the off position near that sink or that toilet.
When a plumber shows up, the first thing they want to see is a two way valve because it gives them control of the problem. Once the valve is turned off, they can make the repairs. They can add glue or replace damaged pipes. They can make sure that everything is working properly so that when they turn the water back on, you have no more problems coming. Can you think of any reason it isn’t a great thing to have?

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