A great big thanks to everyone who participated and attended ESTAFest 2004, in Wye Mills, MD. It was a great weekend for meeting new people and taking in some truly remarkable theater. A complete list of awards can be found on our ’04 archives page.

A message from Cindy Johnson – Festival Chairperson

ESTA Fest 2004 – what a wonderful whirlwind of entertainment that started Friday night with Pennsylvania and ended on Sunday with DC!

Even though I could not attend our workshops, which gave participants a wealth of information on a variety of topics, I learned that other groups, besides my home group, put touch-up paint on the set pieces during rehearsal; I learned that you can make soup from scratch off stage; I learned that you don’t have to do the whole play in rehearsal – just tease ’em with the last lines; I learned that if you nudge the sound up just a scooch – it will work; I learned that some historical people were born on the Eastern Shore; and I learned that its good to love the stage manager.  >>   more

Did you attend the festival?

We invite your comments, photo’s and trivia for future updates to the site. Please let us know what you’re thinking.

  • A Letter From Fin & Euba
  • Festival Trivia

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